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o “Mark restored my faith that there are good people on earth when I doubted there were any left. He was liked not only by the whole coaching staff, but by all people. Although I only knew Mark Fisher for a year, I could have known him for a day and considered myself lucky for meeting him. Mark Fisher was the embodiment of the Fairfield spirit. He was an intelligent man with the upmost integrity and kindness we all strive to have.”-Stephen Dogmanits (former coach from Fairfield University-taken from “Fairfield Mirror”)

o "He was just the type of kid where he could walk into a room or into a party. He would just fit in right away and be welcomed, and you would see that patented little smirk.”-Stephen Mahoney (taken from Fairfield Mirror)

o “Mark was unique. He made you feel great and always positive, no matter what was going on in your life. He was the glue that held us together. Mark would take anything for us, and it's a big void to fill. -Vincent Sweeney (taken from Fairfield Mirror)

o “Mark always looked for the best in life. His smile changed everything and he always saw the glass as half full, not half empty.”- Rev. Terrence Devino (taken from Fairfield Mirror)

o “Mark was always so proud of his family. He would talk about how much he loved just spending time with them and talking with them. Mark had goals and dreams and they all involved the people he loved. His dreams were so big, but his heart was bigger. I loved every minute I spent with Mark. He was the type of person that made you want to be a better person. When I think of Mark I think of one of the most fun-loving, good-natured, sincere, genuine, hilarious, respectful person I have ever known our age. He was the type that loved life so much you could see it in his eyes, hear it in his voice, and witness it in his actions.”-Mary Boehmer (taken from Fairfield Mirror)

o “Mark Fisher was the complete package. He was a football star, but that seemed to be last on his list of priorities. Coaches called him a great teammate, a great friend, a great captain. But his role as a student-athlete was much deeper. How many seniors return to school to give a ride home to a sophomore? How many kids are switched from the glamour position of quarterback to the no-glory position of lineman and never complain? How many seniors give comfort to and then root on the sophomore who took his place in the lineup because of injury? There was more to Mark Fisher. How many football players make girls feel welcome in gym class? How many kids make everyone around them feel real important? How many make everyone feel wanted and loved? Mark Fisher did.”-Joe Hoffman (from Daily Record)

o “Mark Fisher is the kind of young man you want your daughter to marry. He had all the intangibles you want in a young human being. He was unselfish and he had a high integrity. This is the kind of kid we need more of. He was one of those people that come along once in a career.”-Don Smolyn (Lenape Valley athletic director-taken from Daily Record)

o “He treated everybody as if they were the most important person alive by so many people. He had a profound effect on people’s lives in a quiet, unassuming way. He doesn’t know how many people he touched.”-Glen Martinson (Lenape Valley basketball coach and Chemistry teacher-taken from Daily Record)

o “I have an 11-month old son and if he grows up to be anything like Mark, I couldn’t be more proud. He was never, ever without a smile. He was never in a bad mood. We were 3-15 on the freshman basketball team a few years ago. Every day he came to practice and worked just as hard as if we were 15-3. That was his work ethic. It carried through football, through school, through his life.”-Dave D’Olivo (Lenape Valley Baseball coach and Health teacher -taken from Daily Record)

o “And if other players got the accolades, he was delighted. Mark didn’t care who got the glory. He wasn’t that way. He was happy, sincerely happy for other kids’ success. He wanted everyone to succeed. Everyone who knew Mark Fisher already has.”-Pete Correa (Lenape Valley football coach and Phys Ed teacher-taken from Daily Record)

o The death of Fisher came of a shock to anyone who knew him, as many people did. Fisher was not one to use drugs or get into any trouble. In fact, Fisher was as clean as they come. So when the news of his death came, people were in complete distress because there was no reason for it. Fisher was an all-star athlete, a good student and one who excelled in most things he took part in. But to the people who knew him best, it isn’t the qualities that can be seen on paper or the medals that hung on his walls that they will miss the most; it will be the memories they shared personally with Fisher that will stick in their mind forever.-Natalie Puzio (taken from The Youngstown Edition)

o “He wasn’t the kind of kid who went looking for trouble. He wasn’t the typical football player who would go around trying to pick on people. What happened to him is probably the worst thing to happen to the best kid possible”-Scott Parker (taken for New York: Newsday)

o “He was the best friend you could have. I’ve known him my whole life, he was always there when we needed him”-Paul Bagordo (taken from NY Post)

o Everyone was friends with him. Even people who didn’t know him well remember him as a good person.”-Ryan Wojcik (taken from NY Post)  

o "He was a great kid, he carried all the qualities that any man should have...Every moment we spent with him changed our lives, we loved him as a friend and miss him like a brother." Vinny Sweeney '06 (taken from the Fairfield Mirror)

o "He knew he had a family at Fairfield and he made sure we all knew it,". "We miss him everyday but know he'll always be right here beside us, sharing every moment as they pass." Chris Peters '06 (taken from the Fairfield Mirror)

o "Mark had a presence to him that would make a room of people stop what they were doing and look at him,"
"Mark was looked up to by people both younger and older than he was...We might have lost a son, a brother, a nephew, a cousin, or a friend, but we definitely gained an angel." Steve Shea '06 (taken from the Fairfield Mirror)         

o "The light of each other has carried us through these past two years without our dear friend Mark Fisher,"  "I look into the world and see Mark Fisher in many acts of love,". "I can see where once Fisher was, he is now many." "In this room, within his community and his family...the light of Mark Fisher shines on us every single day, brighter and brighter I believe, as the months and the years go by,".  "Grief is one of the most patient and persistent of life companions" and urged Fisher's friends to "carry his love and his strength and his compassion in your heart and you will never be alone." "Carry him with you and let him help you with the challenges you will face... let him be a part of all the happy and joyous times you will have in the years to come," .Mary Boehmer '06 (taken from the Fairfield Mirror)

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