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What Happened

    Our nightmare began on the early morning hours of Monday, October 13, 2003. Two New York City detectives rang our doorbell at 2:00 a.m. to inform us that Mark was murdered. The trip to New York City to identify Mark’s body was the first amongst many trips into the city to try and pursue justice for Mark and gain answers. 
   The police promised an arrest by the end of two weeks, but eventually two months passed with no progress. After making an appointment and then meeting on December 22, 2003 with D.D.A. Kenneth Taub (Deputy District Attorney), the one in charge of Mark’s case at the time, it was there that we learned about our judicial system. The meeting was very discouraging in that Mr. Taub was disrespectful, abusive, and acted as if he was working for the other side. His intent was to intimidate our family into allowing the case to be brushed under the carpets and evidently remain unsolved.
   We then raised our reward to $100,000 and the months to follow involved countless meetings for legal advice, work with private investigators, and most importantly trying to replace Kenneth Taub in representing Mark.
   After having met with Commissioner Raymond Kelly and then later on with District Attorney Charles Hynes on May 20, 2004, he told us he would replace Kenneth Taub with a new A.D.A. We still did not hear anything until November 15, 2004 (in the meanwhile were prayers, pressure, and expenses). In between the time frame of May 2004 to November 2004 the case was presented to a Grand Jury headed by a new S.A.D.A Anna- Sigga Nicolazzi with Patricia M. McNeill D.B.C. and Josh E. Hanshaft A.D.A. They had one arrest in November 2004 and a second arrest in December of 2004, as well as two convictions on September – October 2005. They are certain that more individuals participated. Again we need more prayers and support to obtain concrete evidence in order to make the next arrest.
   There is still no clear motive as to why Mark was killed nor have the arrests and convictions brought any answers for the police, district attorney’s office, or us.  

   There have been rumors that Mark had a trace of ecstasy in his system. That information is completely incorrect. He did not have a trace of any ecstasy in his system, which was confirmed by Anna- Sigga Nicolazzi S.A.D.A. and the Chief Medical Exaniner of  New York, Dr. Charles S. Hirsch.

       The Fisher family extend their gratitude to all those who attended the trial and/ or wrote letters to the Judge.  We are also very thankful for the love, support, cards, phone calls, flowers, kind gestures, meals, deserts and masses and prayers that lasted throughout the trial but also have been evident since the death of Mark.  We only ask for your continued support as we further pursue.   
    We like to extend our appreciation to all those who continue to keep Mark’s memory alive.  Special thank you to everyone who has participated and help make happen. 
Mark Fisher Basketball Memorial Game-LVHS 
FishFest-Fairfield University 
Mark Steven Fisher Memorial Service-Brooklyn, NY  
Mark Fisher Tree Memorial-Lenape Valley HS        


 A Night for Mark-Lenape Valley HS and friends of Mark  

Anniversary-Memorial Masses-Fairfield University, Lenape Valley HS, friends and family and the whole community for your support including the wonderful people whom we don't even know.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this website possible.     

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