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W I T N E S S E T H:


This trust shall be known as the Mark S. Fisher Foundation.


The Trustees shall hold the trust fund and shall invest same and may in their sole and absolute discretion pay to or for the benefit of the family of Mark S. Fisher, so much or all of the amounts as the Trustees deem necessary or appropriate to provide for the support, maintenance, health of the immediate family of Mark S. Fisher and to assist with the Mark S. Fisher murder investigation to help solve and apprehend the culprits.  In making discretionary distributions, the Trustees may, but shall not be required to, take into account the other income and assets of the aforesaid beneficiaries.  If the Trustees in their sole and absolute discretion deem it appropriate, they may also make charitable contributions from the trust in memory of Mark S. Fisher to charitable organizations described in Section 170 ( c ) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.

Nancy Fisher, Michael J. Fisher, Helida DiGiacomo and Ruby Pacheco shall not participate in any discretionary decisions for their own benefit or for the benefit of any of her issue for whom she has a legal obligation to support.


We want to thank everyone for all your support and contributions to the trust known as the Mark S. Fisher Foundation.


Originally our purpose of the award was to keep Mark’s legacy and memory of generosity, determination and humility.  Qualification and criteria to receive the rewards for the Lenape Valley Regional High School candidates.

  1. Member of the National Honor Society
  2. Participate in at least two varsity sports
  3. One coach recommendation
  4. Two teacher recommendations
  5. Good Character
  6. Active in school or in the community
  7. Proof of college/university acceptance
We are not giving the scholarship that we did for a couple of years anymore but instead we decided because of Mark's sharing ways it would be better to do something that would benefit many rather than one person. Then we contacted Mark's High School Coach who is the head of the football program and the athletic director of the same school (LVRHS), He mentioned that we can give a donation to help out families of Senior football players going through difficult times.  We did it but at the end of the season a better idea came from the same coach and friends of Mark that we can sponsor a breakfast or dinner before a football game during or around Mark's anniversary.  In this way it follows to Mark's principles to help out as many people as possible. 

This is already part of the football program for many years that most of the cost come from the Senior parents and sometimes can be very difficult for some families. In other words this is really supporting the football program in general.  The program is kind enough to do a breakfast or dinner around  Mark’s Anniversary.


In the fall of 2008, they had a dinner before a game around Mark's anniversary.  We believe that (LVRHS) football team, coaches and parents were appreciative of the support. We will continue doing it this year 2009 and hopefully many years to come.                                                                                                                                                     
In 2004 we gave a donation towards the Lenape Valley Basketall Program.                                                                                                                                                          

The time is Now Campaign donation  for a new gymn, classroom and renovated front school office to Rev George A. Brown school part of Our Lady of the Lake Church.


In 2009 Lenape Valley Junior Patriots - donation.

This year as a result of a down economy they have several 16 young boys and girls unable to afford the registration fee and this particular year they need to update and purchase new equipment.


What we learned since Mark was murdered is that the law is especially designed to protect the criminals. For this purpose we would like to start an organization for (Innocent Victims) “Friendly Victim’s Voice.” Actually a New York support group for families of murdered victims has approached us about starting a group in New Jersey.

With all kind of consideration, we feel very comfortable with "MARK'S HOME FOR HOPE".  It is a nonprofit organization for parents who lost children.

Purpose: is to give those in the greiving process a quiet supportive place to heal.  We do not take the place of therapy, but we do understand the deep feeling of the loss of a child.


We can never thank everyone enough for all your prayers, kindness ,support and generosity through the years.  With all this help collectively including some of the funds helped with Mark's investigation immensely. 


We will be open and appreciative to any suggestions and ideas that you may have.

  Mark Steven Fisher